Holte Playa Maya by Mij - Beachfront Hotel

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Holte Playa Maya by Mij - Beachfront Hotel

Playa Maya by Mij - Beachfront Hotel is a 4-star boutique hotel, which offers a unique service of beachfront accommodation, accompanied by a complimentary American breakfast.

It is the ideal holiday hotel where couples, friends or families gather to enjoy the best rest and gastronomy, enjoying the sun and the best beach thanks to our enviable location just a few steps away from the famous Fifth Avenue and a perfect beach for the whole family.

Beachfront Boutique Hotel ideal holiday hotel

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Our common areas distinguish us for being Beachfront, our beachfront entrance and exit makes the experience of living for a few days right on the shore start from your arrival, finding the nearest car park just 2 blocks from the hotel.